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When Disability Payments May End

If you are receiving social security disability payments, you may wonder if there are any circumstances or reasons why your benefits are either lowered or taken away altogether. When any type of disability benefits are ended, it's because there is an improvement in health to the point the recipient is no longer disabled, or the recipient wishes to go back to work and not depend on benefits.  The law requires a periodic case review  periodically, and from there Social Security will determine whether or not they will continue benefits.Here is how Social Security determines whether or not they will continue giving you benefits.

Benefits as Long as You're Disabled

Benefits continue for an individual as long as they are disabled. From time to time, the Social Security Administration will review your case to determine if your disability still exists.  How often cases are reviewed depends on whether your condition is expected to improve. Two things will prompt the Social Security Administration to stop benefits. The first being if you are working at a level the Social Security Administration will allow you to based on their monthly allowable income. And the second being if you are found to be making more money than the allotted amount set by Social Security, you will probably lose your benefits. 

Review Your Medical Condition

Social Security will also review your medical condition to see if it has improved to the point where you are no longer considered disabled. You are responsible for reporting any improvements in your condition, as well as if you return to work or begin to work enough to make over the monthly allowable amount. Social Security has work incentives in place that allow you to keep your benefits while they still continue to test your ability to work. Social Security's goal is to try and find you some type of employment that allows you to have substantial income, even if the job duty you're performing now isn't exactly what you are trained to do. Social Security also has programs in place that allow for vocational  training and reimbursement of expenses for equipment to accommodate your disability.

If you feel that you are being treated unfairly and that your condition will not allow you to work, but Social Security still states you can't receive disability benefits, then you need to contact your social security attorney as soon as possible for more assistance. 

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