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4 Things To Remember When Taking Photographs At A Car Crash Scene

Photographic evidence is great in showing the type, nature and extent of damage after a car accident. This is why you are advised to take pictures immediately following a car crash. However, such pictures may only be of value if you take them properly. Here are four tips that can help you in this endeavor:

Take the Pictures Quickly

The first thing to note is that you don't need photography lessons or expensive camera setups to take these photographs. Even if that were the case, you wouldn't have time to get the necessary equipment because you need to take the pictures as soon as possible before the scene of the accident is tampered with.

Do you have a basic camera, a tablet, a PDA or even a smartphone? That is what you should use to take the pictures. If you happen to have a decent camera (for example if you were headed for a vacation) well and good, if not, use what you have. The important thing is to take pictures of the details as soon as possible.

Take Closeups and General Photographs

Another thing to remember is that you should capture the minute details as well as the general lay of the area. This means you shouldn't just focus on the skid marks or the cracked windshield. The general state of the road including that bend ahead and those signs by the roadside are equally important. Such general pictures may be useful in determining fault, for example, if there is a road sign that the other motorist did not follow.

Don't Miss the Important Details

Even though it is important to take as many photographs as possible, there are other important details that you shouldn't miss. Examples include:

  • Road signs and traffic indicators
  • Injuries (not only yours but the other motorist's and any other injured person)
  • Damages including damages to the automobiles and other roadside structures such as buildings and guardrails
  • Weather conditions and elements, such as puddles on the road and falling snow

Date Stamp Your Pictures

Lastly, you shouldn't forget to capture the date and time of the accident. This may come in handy if the other motorist starts disputing your version of the event and it becomes your word against his or hers. Most phones or smartphone camera apps have this function that you just need to turn on. If you don't have such a function in your camera, then you can just hold up a cellphone (you can borrow one from a bystander) and photograph it alongside an obvious reference to the accident scene. Make sure the correct date and time can are indicated on the screen and visible on the pictures.

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