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Vibration White Finger: How To Determine If Your Diagnosis Is A Personal Injury Or An Inherited Disease

Vibration white finger is the phrase commonly associated with a personal injury caused by vibrating industrial and construction equipment. It can also be caused by a genetic disorder known as Reynaud's syndrome. If you are currently trying to figure out if you have a personal injury case against a current or previous employer, you will need the investigative skills and legal assistance of a personal injury lawyer. 

Genetic Testing to Rule out Inherited Reynaud's Syndrome

Probably the first thing your personal injury lawyer will want is legal confirmation of any genetic predisposition towards Reynaud's syndrome. If your genetic markers show that you would have and could have developed Reynaud's even without the vibrating machinery at work, your lawyer has a tougher case to defend. Having a genetic predisposition towards the syndrome means that the defense can argue that you would have eventually developed the syndrome all on your own and that the equipment you worked on has nothing to do with your current diagnosis.

On the other hand, if the genetic tests prove what your lawyer suspects is true, you have no predisposition for the syndrome, then he or she has a clear-cut case for personal injury. The defense, as well as your former/present employer, cannot argue that the problems you currently face with dead nerves and dead blood vessels in one or more fingers has nothing to do with your work. They are forced to face the truth of the situation and pay you for your work-related personal injury, which will impact you and your employ-ability the rest of your life.

Other Documentation That Proves Your Case

Your lawyer will need other medical documents that prove your case. Often, the documentation needed is any and all medical records leading up to your recent diagnosis of vibration white finger. When it can be legitimately verified that you had no pinched nerves in your back or previous neurological issues leading up to your current situation, then it strengthens your case and your lawsuit for compensation under personal injury laws.

The Seriousness of Vibration White Finger Syndrome and the Compensation You Can Expect

Vibration white finger means that all of the nerves in one or more fingers are dead and some, most or all of the blood vessels are too. It means that you cannot feel anything in the affected fingers, including heat, cold and crush injuries. If the affected areas are damaged, they will not heal properly because of a lack of blood flow and the fingers may need to be amputated to prevent widespread infection. You will have to spend the rest of your life protecting the affected fingers from injury, or lose them to amputation. It also means that you are very limited in your choice of employment. Your legal compensation is commensurate with your expected and ongoing doctor's bills, medications, lost work and loss of income. Contact a law professional like one from Vaughan & Vaughan for more information.

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