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Are You Dealing With Birth Defects And Developmental Delays After Taking Zofran? You Could Have A Case

Dealing with morning sickness while you're pregnant can affect your ability to function throughout the day, and if you took medication to ease the symptoms, you need to find out if your child is suffering. If your child has birth defects and medical concerns, this could be a direct result of taking the prescription medication Zofran for nausea.

An injury firm like Dyer Law can look at your case and investigate to find out if you should file a lawsuit against the medical professional that prescribed you the medication, especially if they said it was safe. Here are things to take with you for your first sit down meeting or to have for a phone interview with any potential attorney.

Defect Documentation

Medical statements from a pediatrician or specialist that confirm that the child has birth defects or other problems that are related to taking Zofran are necessary as evidence in your case. Your lawyer may have their own medical expert they want you to consult with, or they may require you get more than one opinion on the case.

Medical Expenses and Potential Costs

Keep records of all the medical statements from expenses from doctor appointments, bloodwork, image testing and other appointments that are related to the defects. You want to get reimbursed since these costs would have been avoided if you hadn't taken the medication, resulting in your child's medical concern. You can call each office and ask them to send your bills to the legal office or to your home.

Prescription Copies

Talk with the pharmacy that filled your prescriptions for you. Get a copy of the prescription, dosage, exact brand of medication were given, and documentation stating what doctor had written the prescription. Once you have the prescription information, the lawyer can show exactly what you were taking and how much you took with each dose.

It can be difficult to watch your child grow up with defects or delays because you took a medication you thought was going to be safe for your baby. Your lawyer will look at the case and help you fight the physician that steered you and your unborn child in the wrong direction, so you can get back the financial burdens this mishap has caused. You also deserve to get payment for all the suffering you'll have to endure with the guilt of taking the medication and for the unnecessary stress your child may have for a lifetime.

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