Learning More About Your Accident

Fighting For Monetary Compensation After A Motorcycle Accident

If you drive a motorcycle and you were recently involved in a collision with another vehicle, you may find yourself inundated with several medical bills and repair costs. If the other motorist involved in the accident had been negligent in the way they were driving, you may want to fight for compensation to help pay for your hardship. Proving who was at fault when each party claims they were not responsible for the incident often requires the help of an attorney. Here are some steps to take in proving the other driver was the one who had caused the accident in an attempt to be awarded compensation as a result.

Retain All Medical Information

Have your doctor copy you on all documentation pertaining to your medical condition and the procedures administered after the incident. This may give a clue as to what type of impact each vehicle had sustained. Make sure to fill all prescriptions and follow your doctor's orders precisely. If you fail to listen to your doctor's orders, it will appear as if you were not injured as severely as you claim.

Take Photos For Evidence

After the incident occurred, you may have taken photographs of the damage your motorcycle sustained. If not, take photos of the damage before you have bodywork done to try to repair your bike. Take photos from all angles as there may be a clue about the way the bike was impacted. Go back to the scene to take photographs of any road signs and blind spots if these contributed to the reason the accident happened.

Check For Surveillance Records

If the incident occurred in an area where there were traffic cameras present, footage may be available showing how the accident had taken place. If the point of impact did not happen in direct view of a camera, there still may be footage available showing what had happened leading up to the accident. Find out if any local businesses or the town had cameras available in this area. Your lawyer will be able to request a copy of this information to use to help prove the other driver was driving erratically or irresponsibly.

Find Out If Others Were Nearby

Go back to the scene of the accident and observe the area for any spots where others may have seen something from afar. If the spot was near businesses, go to each and find out if there were customers in the establishment at the time of the incident. One of them may have seen something happen that could help prove you were not at fault.

If the accident happened on a highway, go back to the area with a CB radio to call out to truck drivers who may know something about the incident. If a trucker had seen something, they may have mentioned it over the airwaves. 

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Learning More About Your Accident

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