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Personal Injury And Cruise Ships

Cruises often provide a lot of fun and relaxation, but if you're unlucky enough to get injured on a cruise ship, here is some information that will help you know what to do next. 

Types of Injuries on Cruise Ships

While there's a variety of injuries that can occur on a cruise ship, some of the most common are run-of-the-mill broken bones and sprains. You may slip on the pool deck or on the dance floor if another passenger spills their drink and it's not cleaned up quickly, for instance. Some injuries can occur from near drowning when passengers don't know how to swim. There are also some moving parts to the ship that could cause a fairly severe injury if one falls and hits you. 

Finally, there is some risk from fellow passengers victimizing others. Another passenger may attempt to rob you, hurting you in the process. 

Is the Cruise Ship Liable?

You may be wondering if the cruise ship is liable for these types of injuries, and the answer varies. Read the contract carefully before you sign, because many cruise ships ask that you waive some of their liability as a condition for getting on board the ship. And many of these situations can be complicated, especially if they involved a fellow passenger. 

What to Do If You're Injured on a Cruise Ship

If you're injured on your cruise, the first thing to do is collect as much evidence as you can while you're still on board the ship. Take pictures of your injury on a daily basis, and photograph the area where the injury happened. If there's a medical professional on board the ship, make sure that you're seen by the doctor and that you collect your medical records before you leave. 

When you get back to shore, find a good personal injury lawyer. Whether it be best to hire a general injury attorney or a slip and fall injuries lawyer will depend on the nature of your claim. The lawyer will need to review the evidence you collected and look at your cruise ship's liability policies. If your claim is viable, then you and your lawyer will start working through the details to figure out how much responsibility the cruise ship should take. You'll also review the damages that occurred, which could include your medical bills, time off work, and even reimbursement for the cruise fares of your party. 

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