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Do You Need An Auto Accident Attorney After A Minor Accident?

It is common for people injured in an auto accident to accept minor injuries after an accident in order to avoid conflicts. However, minor accidents deserve the attention and expert opinion that major collisions receive. Before you wave away your rights, consider involving an accident attorney for a consultation and legal advice. Is your accident case worth the effort and time? Here are some reasons to find a lawyer to represent you.

The Damages and Injuries Could Be Worse

Physical damages to your vehicle aren't obvious indicators of the injuries you may have suffered. It might have been a fender bender that left your car with very few dents and scratch marks but probably left you in pain, with internal bleeding, or whiplash.

You may not know that a small dent left might affect your vehicle's electrical system. Therefore, assessing physical damages alone is not enough. You need a lawyer to investigate the case as you seek auto repairs and medical attention to solve the case. You might uncover more severe injuries that deserve more compensation

Prepare for the Case

First-time accident victims make the mistake of assuming that insurance companies are on their side. Also, it can be common for insurance companies to deny claims, especially if they are regarded as negligible. In other instances, claim adjusters will approach you with an unfair settlement to see if you will accept.

You may accept bait and settle for an unfair offer if you don't have a lawyer. A lawyer will help you determine what would be considered a fair settlement. Therefore, they will prepare to protect your rights no matter how minor your accident seems.

Avoid Making Costly Mistakes

The insurer in charge of your claim might wait for you to make a mistake and use it against you. Therefore, you should avoid making any recorded statements by the claim's adjuster. With a legal expert by your side, you will minimize any chances of making costly mistakes that may nullify your claim.

Court Representation

Generally, your injuries and car damages are serious until proven otherwise. Furthermore, minor injuries also deserve to be compensated. If the insurer fails to compensate you fairly and there's no room for negotiation, you may resort to taking your case to court. In this case, you need an experienced lawyer to help you with the hearings and proceedings. The legal expert will help you understand the court processes and represent your interests.

Is it advisable to engage an auto accident lawyer after a minor accident? You don't have to walk through this journey alone. Consider getting the professionals to help you protect your interests and secure the settlement you deserve. 

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