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Can You Get Compensation After Having a Slip on Someone Else's Property While Intoxicated? Find Out

A visit to another person's home can turn disastrous when you accidentally fall as a result of slipping or tripping. Such an accident might make you sustain serious bodily harm that might take a long time to heal. Your situation can be even worse, and get more serious injuries if it is being under the influence of alcohol that led to your fall. In such a case, you might consider taking legal action against the person who had invited you to the premises. It will enable you to get different payments to cover your medical expenses and other losses. Your first step should be consulting a lawyer so that they can explain the following facts and determine whether you have a legitimate case. 

The Responsibilities of the Homeowner to the Guests

Homeowners have a legal duty to ensure the people who visit their premises are safe. They include invitees with the property owner's permission to enter the premises. Building owners should also ensure that everyone who enters their premises for reasons other than business does not suffer injuries. Their home should also be safe for trespassers who might enter the premises without notifying the property owner. Visitors who suffer harm after slipping and tripping accidentally on another person's home can sue the building owner and seek compensation for injuries they sustained on their property.

However, you must prove certain elements to get the right payments for your losses. For instance, you must demonstrate that the defendant was negligent, reckless, or failed to remove a hazard that caused your injuries. Proving these facts requires extensive investigations and compelling information, which a personal injury law attorney dealing experienced in slip and fall accident cases can help you gather.   

Instances When the Homeowner Should Face the Law

Your legal advisor will compile information to prove that the poor condition of the house caused your injuries and that the homeowner would have done something to prevent it.  For instance, the homeowner or the wrongdoer could face the law for failing to correct or warn the guests about the hazard. For instance, the homeowner might have warned you of loose or slippery flooring in the kitchen and taken steps to prevent you from accessing the area. Your lawyer can argue that the defendant should have marked the area with warning signs to deter you from visiting the area. However, the homeowner might argue that they had warned you against visiting the hazardous area, but you failed to make informed decisions because of your intoxication. In this case, your lawyer will get witnesses to prove that the homeowner never warned guests of a possible danger on their premises.

As is evident from the information above, you can get compensation after slipping or tripping on someone else property, even if you were intoxicated. However, you may require the assistance of a personal injury lawyer dealing with slip and fall cases to enable you to get all the payments you deserve. Reach out to a firm such as Borbi, Clancy & Patrizi, LLC to find out more information.  

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